How to Split a Post into Pages in WordPress with a Plugin

How to Split Posts into Several Pages in WordPress with Plugins. Dividing posts into several pages is one of them aims to speed up the loading process of our posts, especially in posts that have many images.

The second reason is to increase page views or visits on our website and this is very useful if your website has advertisements.

Everything that has advantages certainly also has disadvantages, one of the things that can have a bad impact is that your website visitors will be annoyed and make it uncomfortable when visiting your website.

The solution is that you as a website owner must really utilize this feature wisely, not only to pursue income but also to think about the readers.

After understanding some of the advantages and disadvantages and solutions. Next below is how to divide posts into several pages in WordPress with plugins.

Here are the steps:

1. Log in to your WordPress Admin page.

2. Select the Plugins menu and click the Add New submenu on the WordPress Admin page.

3. Use the search feature to find the Automatically Paginate Posts plugin, then click the Install Now button.

4. To activate the plugin, click the Activate button.

5. You have successfully activated the Automatically Paginate Posts plugin.

6. Then, select the Settings menu and click the Reading submenu.

7. Scroll to the Automatically Paginate Posts section. Make the following settings:

  • Supported post types. Check the Posts option.
  • Split post by. Select the Total number of pages option and specify the number of page divisions you want..

To save the settings, click the Save Changes button.

8. Selamat! Sekarang seluruh post WordPress Anda telah terbagi menjadi beberapa halaman secara otomatis.

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