How to Delete Themes in Wordpress

In deleting themes in wordpress you can follow the steps as follows:

  1. please login first to your wordpress dashboard page, for the guide can be checked on the following link, for those of you who use cpanel, can click this page wordpress admin login via cpanel and if you use plesk, can click this page wordpress admin login via plesk.
  2. if so, then go to the appearances menu and click themes. as shown below
  3. If so, choose the theme you want to delete, here we provide an example of deleting thema twenty Nineteen, a detailed explanation can be checked in the following image*note: move your mouse cursor to the theme you want to delete, then click theme details.
  4. If so, there will be a theme details display as shown below click delete to delete thema
  5. Click OK to confirm to delete the theme
    Done, for the theme is no longer available in your wordpress dashbord, and the benefits obtained in the activity of deleting themes that have been installed but are not used again is to reduce disk usage on the hosting you use, if you have entered the following display, you can click delete on the lower right side of the display above, after that you click okay like the following picture

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