How to enable Akismet to ward off spam

Akismet is one of the plugins created by automattic to prevent your blog from publishing malicious content in the comments section. Until this article was made, there were already 5 million active users around the world.

1. Once the plugin is active, a notification will appear to configure or activate the Akismet account. Please select "Activate your Akismet Account".

2. You will find a page like the image below. Please select "Get yout API Key".

3. Next, a new page will appear, namely the website from Akismet which asks you to create an API Key that functions to activate this Akismet plugin. Please select "GET AN AKISMET API KEY".

4. Then choose Basic because we will install Akismet on a new website that is more personalized, and not for sale.

5. Create your or Akismet account by filling out the form, then select Sign Up.

6. On the next page, please change the Subscription to $0.00/year by sliding it to the left, then enter the Contact Info then Continue.

7. After successfully creating an account, you will immediately get an API Key that is ready to be used to activate Akismet.

8. Copy the API key then return to the Dashboard, and Paste it into "Manually enter an API key" then select "Use this key".

9. Then select "Save Changes" and your WordPress is now protected from SPAM comments.

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