How to Install Git on Windows on Exabytes

For those of you who want to Install Git on Window, please follow these steps:

  1. Download File Git
    first thing you have to do is download the file first, make sure it is from the official website, namely, and don't forget to adjust it to the type of operating system on your PC you are downloading. If you are using a 64bit PC operating system, then select 64bit Git so that no errors occur during the process.
  2. Install Git
    If the first step is complete, it's time to open the Git application setup to start the installation process. The initial page display will appear as below, you just click Next to continue
  3. Git Installation Location

    This next step you specify the location to install Git. If so, click Next

  4. Additional Components

    Next, now select additional components to install Git, its function is to facilitate the use of Git and support files with large capacities. If it has been adjusted, then click Next

  5. Git Application Name

    For the following step, you only give or determine the name of the Git application which will appear in the Start Menu. like the example below, we only call it Git because it makes it easier when looking for it later.

  6. Specifying an Editor File

    In this step you need an editor file to edit your script through Git. You can freely use any editor file to combine with Git. For this guide we use Vim Editor, if you have determined the editor file that you will use please click Next.

  7. Setting the Environment Path

    This serves to execute commands in Git. Please select Git from the command line and also from 3rd-party software so that when running Git commands it can be recognized in CMD on Windows.

  8. Select SSH Application
    To execute SSH, in this guide we use Use OpenSSH, which is the default SSH application from Git. then click Next
  9. Choose Line Ending

    For the next step you need to select the line ending settings, in this guide we choose Checkout Windows-style, commit Unix-style line endings. Click Next to continue the installation.

  10. Select Terminal Emulator

    Next you need to select the Terminal Emulator that you will be using, you can use CMD or MinTTY. In this guide we use CMD and we choose Use Windows' default console windows. click Next
  11. Choose Extra Options

    in the following step there will be several choices of extra options that you can choose, select Enable File System Caching so that Git has a system caching function. Second, select Enable Git Credential Manager so that Git can be combined with other applications such as Visual Studio, Android Studio, and GitHub. Click Next to continue

  12. Installation Process

    The next step you can start the installation process Click Install to continue the process.

  13. Check Git Version

    The next step is that you need to check whether the Git installation was successful or not. You can check it through the Command Prompt. Click Win+R then type CMD to open the Command Prompt

Enter the following command (git --version) to check the git version and check if Git is installed on your computer.

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