How can I check if my server is online or offline?

This guide was created so that you can know or how to tell if your server is online or offline. It is very important to know the online or offline indication.

Ping Check

The first thing you can do and the simplest is check using ping. Ping is a simple tool to find out whether the destination host responds well to the signal we send. On Windows, you can use cmd and directly use ping <host> to check.

For example, your server has an IP address of If you want to check your server, then use cmd then type ping

But there are circumstances where you have a web server on your server, pinging and succeeding or online, but your website cannot be opened. In this case it could be that your web server service is experiencing problems, you should check by login SSH first.

In the second scenario, there are circumstances where you may have forgotten to turn on the firewall but your IP address is still not whitelisted. Thus, when you ping the server, you do not get a ping reply but the server is still online because your IP address has not been whitelisted.

Cek Client Area

If your server is inaccessible or offline, it might be worth checking your service, for example VPS Linux whether your service is really online or you are late paying your invoice, causing the server to suspend automatically from the system..

If your server service is online and not suspended, then you can try our recommended search, which is checking ping.

If it looks offline, then you can contact our technical support for further assistance.

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