How to Install MikroTik CHR on VPS

Hi Exabees! Mikrotik is a network device that is quite popular among Indonesians. This is because its configuration is easier than a Cisco router. Mikrotik can also be installed on Cloud VPS with needs such as making Public IP, VPN Server (Tunnel), Proxy Server, DNS and so on.

Here are the steps:

  1. First, please access your VPS using ssh. For VPS ssh access, use the Putty (Windows) or Terminal (Linux/MacOS) application.


        2. Second, after successfully connecting via ssh, we first check the disk of the VPS used with the

              command :

The results of the above command will display the results more or less as shown below.

Note: The part circled in red is the name used by your VPS disk. This name will be used during the installation process in the next step.

  1. Third, in this step we will run a few command lines to overwrite the ubuntu system files on your VPS with the MikroTik CHR system files. Please copy and paste the following command line:

  2. Wait a few moments for the process to finish. The length of this process depends on the read/write speed of your VPS package.

  1. If the read/write process is complete, it will appear as shown above, then please reboot/restart the VPS.

  2. Wait until the reboot/restart process is complete, then try accessing your MikroTik CHR using Winbox to the VPS public IP using the MikroTik default username and password.

Selamat! saat ini MikroTik CHR anda sudah berhasil terinstall di VPS. kami sarankan untuk segera ubah username dan password default sebelumnya.

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