Redirect domain in Plesk Panel using .htaccess file

This guide explains how to redirect domains in Plesk Panel using .htaccess files

1. Login to Plesk Hosting Panel >> Websites & Domains >> then enter the file manager menu

2. Create a new file from the "New" >> "Create File" menu as shown below

3. Name the new file with the file name: .htaccess then click OK

If there is already a .htaccess file in the public_html folder, steps 2 and 3 can be skipped and replaced by editing the .htaccess file that was previously created.

4. Fill in the .htaccess file with the following lines ( is adjusted to the domain name or url of the redirect destination):

Redirect 301 /

Then save the .htaccess file, until here the domain has been successfully redirected to the destination address. The redirect setting above uses the 301 (Permanent) Redirect option. Redirect with this type is the most commonly used type.


If you want to use a redirect with another type, it can be done as needed. Here are some redirect options

  • 302 (Temporary) Redirect. This option can be used when you only want to temporarily redirect the website landing page, and want to return to the main website landing page at a later date.

Redirect 302 /

  • Redirect index.html to a specific subfolder

Redirect /index.html

  • Redirect file lama ke path file baru:

Redirect /direktorilama/filelama.html

Click save to save, and the Plesk hosting domain redirect is complete.

Or to redirect the URL / domain you can also do using the index.html file with the following script:

<META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT="0;url=">

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