Announcing Plesk Onyx Support Policy Update

Calling out to all Plesk Onyx users - it's time to say goodbye to your current software version. The dynamic hosting industry is evolving very fast. And our goal as a leading platform of WebOps is to provide our customers with the best solutions. Plesk Obsidian enters the game so you can access the most complete tools on the market. With optimized usability, increased productivity, tougher default security, and many more key improvements.

With the launch of Obsidian last year, Plesk ended the era of upgrades and introduced the era of short releases. Moving to regular updates is essential to always deliver a secure and stable version of Plesk. That is, with the new features and improvements that partners and customers expect from a smart software solution. Find out more about Plesk Obsidian 18.0 mass update and new partner controls in this article. Also, keep in mind that only Obsidian gives you access to the full extension catalog.

To fully accompany you to make digital transformation easier, we provide you with the best support, which requires updates to the latest software version. In this regard, Plesk has a primordial end-of-life support policy to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Life Cycle Plesk Version.

The table below explains when certain Plesk versions will enter the extended support phase and when patches for critical issues will no longer be available. If the Plesk version used is EoL (End of Life), Plesk strongly recommends upgrading to a supported Plesk version.

* In the case of Plesk Onyx, there is a 4-year support period, after which the product will no longer be available for new purchases and will only receive patches for critical issues. The Extended Support Period is six months starting from October 2020.

**End of Life: Once the Extended Support period expires, the product will stop receiving further development (including critical patches), and technical support requests will no longer be accepted.

***As of this date, Plesk started accepting technical support requests for Plesk Obsidian (General Availability version launched on October 22, 2019).

Benefits Auto-update.

It should be noted that Plesk is committed to supporting only Plesk Obsidian (18.x), and not older versions of both previously released.

Here's a good example. If a user installs Plesk 18.05.28 as a fresh instance but after a few weeks decides to install a new instance, the version will be 18.0.29 and not 18.0.28 anymore. However, version 18.0.28 will still be supported until the next two newer versions are released - in this case, until version 18.0.30 is released.

This is why it is very important to check your current Plesk version before requesting support. It is possible that you are no longer using a supported version - that is, the current version or an earlier one - and all you need to do is update your Plesk to get full performance. You can enable the update option to automatically update the version and simplify your admin tasks - at the end of the day, this is what Plesk is here for?

The important benefits of automatic updates are as follows:

1. No need to upgrade or migrate to a new major version every year.

2. Immediate access to new features or upgrade existing ones.

3. Continue to patch potential security vulnerabilities.

4. Improved speed and performance.

5. User data protection.

You can find more information about Plesk Support Policies past end about our lifecycle policy and change log page.

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