Creating an Email Account in Plesk

One of the advantages in the Plesk control panel is that you can create an email account and at the same time organize it in such a way. Both from the administrative side, and from the custom side.

  • First, please login Plesk via URL first. 
  • If you are a WordPress plan user, you can login to Plesk from the Customer Area.
  • To create an email account, click Create Email Address.
  • Fill in the fields provided as needed.
  • Make sure in the External email address field you fill in an alternative email if the password is forgotten.
  • Use the Generate password feature to create a complex password.
  • Click Show to know your password characters.
  • We recommend copying the complex password to notepad to make it easier to access the email.
  • Then click OK to end the email creation.

You can now login to webmail to access your email. Webmail can be accessed using your browser at http://webmail.url.domain.

Make sure the DNS settings for webmail point to where your Plesk server is located, and the DNS MX records point to where your Plesk server is located.

We also always recommend using the best practice of sending emails with :

  • Correct installation of SPF record feature
  • Correct installation of the DMARC record feature
  • Send emails using SSL/TLS.

If you need assistance, please contact us via livechat at or email our support at with your domain name and technical question.

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