How to Restart Windows VPS via Panel and Console

If you experience problems with your Windows VPS, including :

  • Server hangs or gets stuck
  • Unable to perform Remote Desktop Login
  • Cannot be pinged or timeout
  • etc

If your Windows VPS, you can soft restart your VPS using the Console method.

URL Reference: How to Console VPS Windows

Then login as your administrator by clicking the three dots then click "ctrl alt del".

URL Reference: Windows VPS Console Guide

Then troubleshoot from the web console. If a reboot is required, then you can reboot or restart from the web console.

If the web-console cannot be accessed (hang or not responding), you can do a "Hard Reset". Here are the steps:

1. Login to your Client Area

2. Click Services, then find the Windows VPS that you want to restart your Windows VPS

3. After clicking, there will be a display of "Login to Control Panel"

4. After logging into the Control Panel, then go to the "VPS Servers" tab

5. Find the Windows VPS server that you want to restart

6. Click "Manage"

7. Then go to Virtual Machine Management

8. From the Panel you can click "Hard Reset"


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