How to Install WordPress Using Wampserver

How to Install WordPress Using Wampserver

WampServer or wamp is a combination of several software that is useful as a web server in developing websites on a server or local computer. In other words, you can use your personal computer as a server.

Thus you also do not need an internet connection when doing WordPress development on this Wamp localhost. Here are the steps to install wordpress using wampserver, starting from downloading WampServer and WordPress files, the installation process, database configuration, to the end of the process.

1.      Prepare the Required Files

To install wordpress using wampserver, you'll need two important files. Here are the two files you need to prepare.

  • Wamp which you can get on the official website. Select the version according to the OS you are using (32 bit or 64 bit). To find out, just right-click on my computer/my pc. Here you can see the details of the PC you are using.
  • WordPress files on the site.

Before installing Wampserver, make sure you also have the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Libraries. This is necessary for PHP and Apache to work on Windows.

2. Install WAMP Server

Once you have the wamp file, you can install it as usual. There is no malware or other software in this installer, so you don't need to worry and you can keep pressing the next button while installing it.

The only thing to note is that if you are asked to specify the installation location, it's better to use the default location. If you want to change it, there are some conditions that need to be considered. If you have set the default location, you can try installing WAMPServer in the root drive.

At the end of the installation, you will be asked to specify the default browser and text editor to use. However, you can still use WAMPServer in any other browser and ignore these prompts.

3. Make sure Wampserver is running properly

After installation, the next way to install wordpress using wampserver is to check whether the wamp server is working perfectly or not. If wamp starts and an error message appears, then you may not have the visual code package before.

If so, try installing the missing package first. Once done, you will also need to reinstall Wampserver before it can be used.

Then, don't forget to whitelist wamp Server if you are using a firewall. If the wamp server is successfully run, there will be an icon in the form of the letter 'W' which is the wamp Server logo in the system tray.

4. Create MySQL Database

To install WordPress, you need a database. With Wampserver, you can get creative using the phpMyAdmin tool.


If you're still on localhost, click the phpMyAdmin link at the bottom to create this database. You can also enter it through the WAMP Server icon in the system tray. Here's how it's done!

  • wamp Server icon and select phpMyAdmin
  • Select the PhpMyAdmin menu to create a WordPress database
  • Next, you will enter the phpMyAdmin login page
  • To login, use the username root and leave the password blank
  • Once logged in, select the database tab at the top left of the phpMyAdmin area to start creating a new database
  • Enter the desired database name and click the GIP button
  • Create a new database for your WordPress site via phpMyAdmin

5.  Install WordPress In Wampserver Directory

Remember the WordPress file you downloaded earlier? The file downloaded from has a ZIP extension so it must be extracted first before use. Once extracted, you'll find the files you need in a folder called wordpress.

If you want to try creating another WordPress site, it's best to rename it. To start the WordPress installation process on localhost, type localhost wordpress in the browser, then the browser will automatically start the WordPress installation process.

6.  Troubleshooting

For those of you who are experiencing problems with the wamp Server, there are several things you can do yourself to solve it. In general, the causes of wamp Server not functioning perfectly include:

Conflict with SKYPE

This happens because Wampserver and skype use the same port. To resolve this issue, you can enable the "Use alternate ports 80 and 443" option.

You can find this option in the options tool menu > settings > advanced > connections. If you are using Windows 8 and later, you will need to download and reinstall SKYPE as you cannot find this configuration in the standard Windows SKYPE app.

Protection System

In order for your wamp server to function perfectly, make sure that the Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware or Firewall that you use does not block access to important places on this wamp server.

Because if this anti-virus blocks wamp server access, any way you do it will not work. And so the wordpress installation process will be hampered.

Conflict with SKYPE

WAMPServer cannot run simultaneously with other similar software such as EasyPHP or XAMPP. So make sure you uninstall the software first.

7.  Additional Configurations

if you want to rename your WordPress installation folder to something else. You need to be careful here, as you'll lose access to the data in the previous folder name.

To solve this problem, you need to 'tell' WordPress that you're going to rename the folder to something else. How do you do this? Simply go to your WordPress dashboard and select settings > general.


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