VIrtualizor Guide

  1. Virtualizor Control Panel can now be managed from the masterkey client area. To perform actions such as rebooting, changing passwords, and can also login to the enduser panel from the whmcs client area page.

  2. However, if there are problems and cannot log in via whmcs, then another option is that customers can also log in to the virtualizor panel page using the following url:

    Here is an image of the managed vps page from whmcs or client are masterkey:

  1. The following are the features of the virtualizor enduser panel

List VPS= fill in the total vps owned by the user 

Tasks = The log contains a history of jobs or commands that occurred on the vps

SSH keys= public key that you can upload to make it easier to authenticate logins without using the password When sshing to vps

Settings= time configuration and so on

Account password= modify your user account password used to log in to the enduser panel

Api credentials= an API key to connect the reseller vps to the whmcs area

  1. Then the feature of the virtualizo vps enduser panel also allows customers to reinstall the operating system on the vps.

overview    =  condition status of the vps such as disk resources and others

Graphs      = graph of data bandwidth usage and vps resources

Settings = menu for modification of vps root password change and also vnc

Applications = supporting software to facilitate Lamp installation on vps

Time and logs = history of jobs that occurred on the vps

Install = reinstall os pada VPS

Rescue mode = a tool used to backup in single mode to an emergency system partition.

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