How to Order VPS Service

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtualization technology that shares personal resources on a server with multiple users. This virtualization makes it easy to host multiple servers on one physical server.

VPS is safer than shared hosting where you don't get dedicated server space. In addition, you can access and control your website with guaranteed resources such as memory, disk space, CPU cores and more.

So, how do you order VPS services? Here are the steps to order VPS services at Exabytes.

Step 1: Open Exabytes Website

First, go to the first page of Exabytes. Click on the servers section and the VPS service option appears.

Step 2: Choose a VPS according to your needs

Exabytes has 3 VPS options that can be customized according to Exabytes Friends' needs, namely VPS Linux SSD, VPS Windows SSD and VPS SSD dengan Plesk


Choose a VPS service that suits your needs. When you have found the right choice, click start now.

Step 3 : Choose a VPS Plan

Exabytes offers a wide range of plans. You can choose which package is suitable for your needs with the desired timeframe. After that, click order now.

Step 4 : Configuration

Check again to make sure the package you have selected matches the desired time span. Then, do the configuration as shown below.

When you're done filling in, scroll down to continue the order. Click Continue.

Step 5 : Review

Check the VPS package order that you have chosen. If it is appropriate, click the Pay button.

Step 6 : Checkout

Next, fill in your personal information, billing address, account password and preferred payment method.

Don't forget to check 'I have read and agree' and then click Complete Order.

Step 7 : Payment

After filling in the data, an invoice will appear as shown below. Make payment according to the payment method chosen.


After completing the payment, the VPS service will be automatically activated. If you have any difficulties, please contact Exabytes Customer Service.

Isn't it easy to order VPS services at Exabytes? Let's use Exabytes' VPS service!

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