How to Add/Remove Users

Add Users

In order to add user, account owner can send the invitation link by follow the steps below:

1. Login to billing account here at 

Step 1: Go to "User Management"
Step 2: Click at "Invite New User"
Step 3: Enter your user's Email Address
Step 4: Select your assigned Permissions

Remark: Inviting a new user allows you to invite a new user to your account. If the invitee already has an existing user account, they will be able to access your account using their existing login credentials. If the user does not yet have a user account, they will be able to create one.

2. A pop-up window will appear as below and you may select the Permissions respectively.

Below are the Permissions that available to be assigned:
Modify Master Account Profile - Access and modify the client profile information [Kindly think twice before allowing this permission]
View & Manage Contacts - Access and manage contacts 
View Products & Services - View access to products, services and addons 
View & Modify Product Passwords - Allow password resets and other actions 
Perform Single Sign-On - Allow single sign-on into services 
View Domains - View access to domain registrations 
Manage Domain Settings - Allow domain management eg. nameservers/whois/transfers 
View & Pay Invoices - View and payment access to invoices 
View & Accept Quotes - View and acceptance permissions for quotes 
View & Open Support Tickets - Access to open, respond and manage support tickets 
View & Manage Affiliate Account - Access to view and request withdrawals 
View Emails - Access to view account email history 
Place New Orders/Upgrades/Cancellations - Allow placing of new orders

3. Once the invitation is sent, user will receive an email with email subject: ReferYourOwnAccountName has invited you to their account. 

4. Respective user is required to click the link given in the invitation email in order to be the user of respective billing account.

5. Account owner can check the status of the invitations sent (Invitations are sent via Email and is valid for 7 days from the time of issue only, you may need to re-send invitation after the link expired) :

6. Once the preferred user accepted the invitations, account owner can edit the user permission from time to time.

Remove Users

1.  To remove a user, go to "User Management" and hit the "Rubbish Bin" icon for the respective user. 


2. You may click "Confirm" button if you were to remove this user.


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