Definition of Sub-Account in Billing System

What is Sub-Account?

Sub-Account is an additional feature in our system in the form of adding contacts to your account. Sub-Accounts allow each customer to create additional users but still within the main account, sub-accounts can also log in, make some changes if the main account owner allows.

We refer to the Primary login as the main account owner, and the additional user created is the Sub-Account.

When do customers need to use Sub-Accounts?

Each part of the customer area has its own permissions so the access rights can be well organized by the Primary Account holder (and any sub-accounts granted permission to manage contacts) to keep different logins with different purposes.

Here's an example of a Sub-Account being used as:

Additional Account for Billing Department - If you own a company and have a dedicated team for the billing department in your company to be able to view and or pay invoices or order certain products / services.

Additional Account for Web Developer - if you have a web developer in your company and want to give access for the web developer to submit a support ticket to us, but without having to ask for access to your main email, and of course the web developer access (sub-account) cannot view billing information, order products or your main account details.

How do I add a Sub-Account?

Please follow these steps:

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