Order Fraud or Order Abuse

What is Order Fraud or Order Abuse?

To prevent fraudulent activities, Exabytes uses the minFraud service to reduce the number of frauds. By using a comprehensive fraud checking system, our ordering system can automatically detect and cancel fraudulent orders from our ordering system. Through analysis, we can identify characteristics and patterns related to misuse of orders or Fraud Orders.

Why is your order considered a fraud order?

The following are the reasons why your order is considered a Fraud Order:

Country Mismatch - occurs when your address is different from your IP location

High Risk Countries or High risk countries - Orders from high risk countries will be rejected

Fraud Risk Score - the fraud score is higher than the value we set for the above reasons

If any of the above is found in our system, we will be unable to process your order and will change your order to a reservation.

If your order is indicated as a "High Risk Order" to us, we will verify it by telephone. Then you will receive a pin code from our checking system. You are required to enter the pin code on the order page for your order to be successful.

Please also ensure:

You entered the correct phone number with the correct country code, so the pin code will be sent to you successfully.

   You enter a valid email address with your order.

What if I fail to receive the Pin Code?

Please contact our billing department and please provide us with information about your problem for further processing.

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