Setting Up Sub-Accounts in the Billing System

1) Login to our Billing System:

For Indonesian Customers:

2) Click on the "Contact/Sub-Account" option on the right side of the site page.

3) From the "My Details" page, information in the form of personal details, contact and address can be changed. In the "Default Billing Contacts" option there are several contact lists that you can choose to make the default for each bill (if different contacts).

4) "Add New Contact", you can add contacts according to your wishes. Personal details such as email address, name and telephone number can be added.

5) The thing you need to pay attention to is "Email" which is located at the bottom of the page. There are 5 types of email that can be checked if you want to provide incoming email access to each sub-account contact that you add. Then click on "Save Changes"


6) You can also change your profile/delete contacts at any time if there are additional/changes in information for each contact account you have added.

7) In the "Change Password" option, the password for logging in to our Billing System can also be changed.

Note: It is important to delete contacts if there are changes in your contact settings. This action is to prevent the distribution of email information to unauthorized parties.

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