Contact Switching Procedures

Here is the contact transfer procedure if you as a new admin lose contact with the old admin (first registrant).

  1. Register your account at
  2. Open and submit a ticket to billing regarding Change of contact or ownership.
  3. Exabytes Billing will send you a contact transfer form to fill out. Once completed with a stamp duty send it back to Exabytes via post.
  4. Once we receive the form, billing will send an approval email to the old admin (first registrant) for this contact transfer.
  5. Exabytes gives 14 days for this approval, if after 14 days the email is ignored, then Exabytes can make contact changes to your email. But if before 14 days there is a reply from the old admin, for example the old admin does not agree and object to the domain hosting being transferred, then at this point Exabytes does not interfere. Please resolve your issue with the old admin internally.


How come changing contacts is so difficult? How come it's so difficult? Why do you still use letters + stamps, it's modern times right?

Changing contacts or account ownership is quite sensitive, because it involves all kinds of rights related to your account at Exabytes (domain transfer, administrative access to the website, account closure, etc.). Analogize it to owning a car or a house. You wouldn't want someone else to suddenly come to the Samsat office or the agrarian office and claim to be on your behalf and change the BPKP/house/land certificate, would you?

A common case is: a customer potal account (i.e. your master account at Exabytes) is registered by someone, such as an employee or co-owner of the company. Then for one reason or another, the employee quits and can no longer be contacted. Or the owner splits and gets into a dispute with another owner. There's a fight over ownership. Who should Exabytes trust?

Exabytes currently holds to the principle of first registrant has rights and contact transfer is processed within 14 business days. Accounts can then be taken over if the following requirements can be met:

  • There is a legal affidavit (stamped) from the acquiring party,
  • There is a letter from the court/police/other authorities for the transfer,
  • The first party (to be expropriated) does not respond after being contacted for days (assumed to be lost/died/email dead/etc).

The first party (to be expropriated) does not respond after being contacted for days (assumed to have disappeared/died/email dead/etc).

NOTES: After the transfer of contact, the domain name cannot be transferred within 1 year.

It is with these requirements that Exabytes can be reasonably confident that the acquiring party has the right to take over. And it's safer because it makes it harder for others with bad intentions to unilaterally take over your account.

However, we have another procedure, namely changing the Contact Email when the first party as a registered admin has a problem with the email used, for example; Inactive email / email is no longer used because it forgot the password, etc.

For more complete information please contact the Billing team with the email address

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