How to Create an Email Marketing Countdown Timer

Now that you know the benefits and when to apply countdown timers in email marketing. Now it's time to discuss the technicalities of how to create an email marketing countdown timer.

In the process, we used two services, to create the countdown timer and to create the email marketing design. Oh yes, make sure you use a business email with your own domain to make it more professional.

Create Countdown Timer in Sendric

First, we create a countdown timer animation using the website. Relax this service is free you don't need to pay a subscription to use it.

This service offers some basic settings as follows:

  • Time zone setting.
  • The end date and time of the countdown timer in the past 30 days.
  • Languages, 26 popular languages available.
  • Background color.
  • Text and numbers.

Now we create the countdown timer, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the website and if successful it looks more or less like below.

Step 2: Fill in the requested data on the form and click the Generate button.

Isi data yang diminta
Klik Generate

Step 3: Copy html code that appears and save it in an easy-to-find location. In this demo we tried saving it first in notepad.

Now that creating the countdown timer is complete, the HTML code will be inserted into BeFee. How do you do it? It's below, don't skip it!

Create Email Marketing Design in Beefree

The second step of how to create the next email marketing countdown timer is to create a visual email marketing design. In this demo we use the services of is a drag and drop editor service for creating landing page and email marketing designs.

Let's design beautiful and responsive email marketing!

Step 1: Visit and click Start Designing.

Step 2: Choose a template that suits your taste. In this demo we chose one of the email marketing designs, mouse over the template of your choice and click Get Started.

Pilih template

Step 3: Here's what appears when you've selected one of the templates. 

Tampilan template

You can modify this template according to your needs, you can make some changes by removing some elements that you think are not needed.

Step 4: Don't forget to click and drag the HTML element to add the countdown timer HTML code that was previously prepared..

Step 5: Paste the link you have prepared earlier in Sendtric into the HTML element positioned on the right side of the screen.

Until this is done, we recommend double-checking. Perhaps there is a message that has not been included in the email marketing design. We only made a few changes because it is only for samples.

Step 6: Once done, it's time to export it into various forms that can be read by tools to spread email marketing such as MailChimp, SendingBlue or other tools..

Encourage Consumers to Take Immediate Action with the Help of Countdown Timer Email Marketing!

Countdown timers are very useful for providing important information about an event, product release and promo that will come to an end soon. Installing a countdown timer in email marketing will attract the attention of potential customers as a time reminder.

You can add countdown timers in various places, one of which is in email marketing and other sections. How to create an email marketing countdown timer is also very easy, you only need to use two services, namely Sendric and Beefree.

Both services are also free so don't worry about subscription fees, oh yeah, don't forget to use email bisnis with domain profesional to be more convincing to potential customers.

Good luck, good luck!

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