Creating Email Alias in EBiz Mail Pro

Guide to creating email aliases in EBiz Mail Pro.

Make sure you have logged in using the Administrator Email Account. This email is specifically for administrators and is useful for controlling all accounts, from creating, deleting, to modifying.

After logging in, go to the Domain Settings page.

It will then open 2 sections, between Users and Alias.

Where in the Users section is a list of users who are in your email organization, and who have been created by you. While Aliases is a function for email aliases.

To add it, click the New sign to add, then add some syntax below.

  • Name = fill in with the alias name that will be filled in.
  • Display Name = the name that will appear when in Global search.
  • Email Addresses = enter the email that will be forwarded
  • Make sure to check Show in Global Address List

Then save.

Study Case

If you input the Name name is operation, then this operation alias will point to the Email Address that has been entered above.

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