How to Login VNC to My Linux VPS?

Additional information for Linux VPS users, when purchasing a Linux VPS you also get VNC console access to your Linux VPS. This VNC access is a console that is provided if there are several possibilities if you cannot connect to your Linux VPS.

This VNC console has 2 parts. First, VNC uses java. Second, VNC uses the HTML viewer version. Usually we recommend using the HTML viewer version, because it is easier to use.

Login to the Customer Area

Make sure you have logged into the customer area first. Enter your email username and password from your customer area.

Choose your VPS

Then click Services > My Services. Then select the Linux VPS of your service that you want to console VNC. Click Manage Product for detailed product information.

Then in the image option below, click VNC to access.

Then a new pop up window will appear with 3 options such as :

  1. Java VNC
  3. Refresh

We choose HTML VNC in this case.

Wait a few seconds for the connection to be established first for the destination server. Then after the dialog box opens, enter your root password. Congratulations! You can now login to the VPS back-end via VNC.

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