Create cpanel User/Account Level Filtering to filter specific keywords

This article will show you the steps on how you can filter certain keywords in your cPanel Webmail.

  1. Access to your cPanel by accessing the URL as http://cpanel.domainname/ or http://domainname:2083/ and click on the "Email Filters" icon on the main screen of your cPanel menu.

  1. Click on "Manage Filters" next to the account you want to add a filter to.

  2. To add a filter, click "Create a new Filter".

  3. In the column Filter Name, "type in for filter".

  4. In the "Rules" option, select "From" as "match regex" and type the keyword in the text box (e.g. Viagra) and finally in the Actions option, select Deliver to folder and click "Browse" and select the folder you need (e.g. Junk folder).

  1. Finally click "Create" to save the rule.

Notes: Account filtering means the same as user-level filtering, with the difference that the filters created here are applied globally to the entire cPanel account.

For web email filtering rules, users can create them by accessing Webmail, clicking on [Email Filtering] and referring to the above steps number 2 - 6.

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