Best WordPress Plugins for Website Speed Optimization

This time we will not discuss all the plugins available, but we will only provide reviews related to the best WordPress plugins for website loading time optimization needs to be faster. Here's the full list.

Best WordPress Plugins for Website Speed Optimization

Here is one way you can optimize your website's speed without touching code, changing hosting, and so on.

1. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a free plugin by BoldGrid that has been used by over 1 million WordPress users worldwide.

There are many features that can be utilized in this plugin, ranging from cache settings, minify CSS, or CDN which can be obtained when upgrading to premium services.

If you're looking to develop your WordPress site into an efficient, conversion-generating asset then this plugin is a worthy choice.

2. WP Rocket

For those of you who are easy to set up plugins that contain many customization options. For one, the WP Rocket plugin is one of the easiest tools to use compared to some other plugins.

Some of the excellent features in the Rocket plugin include, access to all types of cache, minify, CDN, and GZIP, can support Lazy load which is believed to be able to reduce website waiting time by several percent.

However, this plugin is released for a fee, so it requires capital.

3. WP Super Cache

Similar to WP Rocket, WP Super Cachehadir plugin has the advantage of easy access and settings.

As a result, this plugin is also very suitable for beginners who find it difficult or too much control when using W3 Total Cache.

Despite having simpler settings, WP Super Cache has been installed by more than 2 million active users.

Some of the advantages of the WP Super Cache plugin: it has a fairly complete cache feature, the setup process is much easier, and it's free.

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