Install WordPress di SubDomain

If you want to install WordPress on a SubDomain, then there are a few things to consider first. Here's how:


  1. Make sure you can login to cPanel via the customer area first. 
  2. Create a SubDomain first.
  3. Do a search for the word softa in the Dashboard search field. Then access the Softaculous menu.
  4. In the Softaculous menu search, do a wordpress search. Then click WordPress.
  5. Then click Install Now.
  6. In the Choose Installation URL field, select the desired SubDomain to install (Choose Domain ). If you want to install in a specific folder, check the In Directory. Or leave it alone.
  7. Enter the Admin Account information according to your needs.
  8. As a recommendation, enable the : Loginizer by checking it.
  9. Wait for the WordPress installation to complete.
  10. Congratulations your WordPress on SubDomain is now live.

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