How to Import Articles from Google Docs to WordPress

1. Login to your Wordpress Dashboard account.

2. Install the Mammoth .docx converter plugin, by selecting the menu Plugins > Add New. 

3. Type mammoth .docx in the search field, then click the Install button.

4. Once successfully installed, please activate by pressing the Activate button.

5. Next you need to download the Google Docs file as Microsoft Word (.docx).

6. After the file is successfully downloaded, please switch to the WordPress dashboard then select the Posts > Add New menu to create a new article.

7. Please scroll down the editor, in the mammoth .docx converter section click the Choose File button, then select the downloaded Google Docs file.

8. You will then see the article with the imported images. To insert it into the editor, please press the Insert into editor button.

9. Congratulations! In this step, the article has been successfully imported along with the image. Don't forget to enter the article title and check for example on the article link and other parts.

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