How to Migrate Blogspot Bloggers to WordPress

What you need

Before you start, all you need is:

Step 1 - Moving your Blogspot to WordPress

Step 2 - Switching traffic from Blogger to WordPress

Step 1 - Moving your Blogspot to WordPress.

  1. Log in to Blogger and go to your admin page. Make sure you select the blog you want to move if you have more than 1 blog.
  2. Go to the Settings menu and click Other.
  3. In the Other menu, backup your Blogger website by clicking Backup Content. You will download an .xml file. 

  4. Go to your admin page. In the Dashboard on the admin page, go to the Tools menu and select Import. You will install a website importer. In this case, choose the Blogger importer. Click the Install Now button near the Blogger importer. Once installed, the option will change from Install Now to Run Importer. 

    Click Run Importer. A new menu will appear. Click Choose File and select the .xml file that you have downloaded from your Blogspot. After that, click Upload file and import and after that the migration process from Blogger to WordPress is complete!

    Step 2 - Switching traffic from Blogger to WordPress

    By now, you've transferred all your users, posts, comments from Blogger to your WordPress. However, all your traffic is still going to your Blogger website. The solution is to create a redirection from your old website to the new one. There are a few different ways to redirect Blogger to WordPress. The easiest and fastest way is to use a plugin. There are several plugins that can be used in this regard. This plugin is one of them.

    • Download and install plugin Blogger To WordPress.
    • Go to the Tools menu on your WordPress Dashboard admin page and select the Blogger to WordPress Redirection plugin.
      In the plugin menu, click Start Configuration. The plugin will allow you to choose your blog domain (as you can also move some Blogger websites to your WordPress). Click Get Code and you will receive a code template that you will later install on Blogger.
    • Open your Blogger website and go to the admin area. Go to the Templates menu and at the bottom click Revert to classic templates.
      Revert template
    • The template menu will change and you will be able to edit the HTML code file. Copy the code from the plugin and paste it into your Blogger template code. Click Save Template and you're done!
      Edit code
    • You can test whether the redirection is working properly or not by clicking Verify Configuration in the plugin menu. The plugin will provide a link to your Blogger website. Click the link and it will open your WordPress website, not Blogger.

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