How to Add Additional DNS for Your WordPress Domain

Exabytes Indonesia hosting plans support unlimited park domains. But if you go with the Expert plan, you can create more than 30 websites on a single WordPress hosting service.

A park domain (sometimes called an alias domain) is simply a domain that you can set up in your WordPress control panel so that it points to the same website content as your main WordPress Domain name. This differs from the 30 websites you are allowed to set up in the Expert Plan in that each website can have their own distinct web content.

Once you have set up a new Park Domain or Domain, you can point your domain name to the following DNS Name Servers in the DNS records. So you can manage the DNS records from your client portal. If you are going to register a domain with us, this will be automatically taken care of.

Name Server 1 : ns184.idcloudhosting.com103.18.244.52

Name Server 2 : ns185.idcloudhosting.com103.7.8.73

Name Server 3 : ns186.idcloudhosting.com72.18.132.251

Once the name servers have been added, follow the steps below to create DNS zones so that your domain traffic can be directed to the right web server destination.

1. Log in to the client area portal to access your WordPress Control Panel.

2. Click on Domains>Manage DNS

3. Click the add New zone button

4. When the popup windows appear, enter the domain name and IP address of your new domain.

If you point this domain to your existing Managed WordPress hosting, you can obtain the IP address through your WordPress control panel dashboard. Based on the example below, the IP address of the managed hosting is

5. Once the DNS Zone has been added, the DNS Records will be automatically populated with our default configured values. Click on the "Pencil" box next to the delete button, if you wish to review and edit the corresponding records. You can also refer to "How to Modify Your DNS Records", step by step to modify the DNS records.

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