How to Create Content Filtering Rules in Smartermail (to filter emails from specific email addresses)

This article will explain the steps on how to create a content filtering rule to delete emails sent from a specific email address.

In order to create rules that can be applied to all email accounts under the same domain, you need to create rules using an administrator account. Submit a ticket to to create a domain administrator account.

Next, please login to using your administrator account.

1) Click Settings > Domain Setting > Filtering > Content Filtering. Click the New button to create a new content filtering rule.

2. Check "From a specific address" and click Next

3) Enter the sender's email address and click Next

4) Enter a Filtering rule name and select an action for this filtering rule. In this case, emails sent from a specific email address will be reappeared and deleted. You can also choose something else for email filtering. Click Save.

5) A new filtering rule has been created

If your email account is not a domain administrator, you can still create content filtering rules for your email account under "My Settings".

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