How to change SmarterMail password according to new password policy

Due to password policy changes on all SmarterMail servers, we will be applying the changes to all email accounts that were setup prior to the new policy on May 27, 2009. We recommend that you update your email account password, if your current password does not meet the above requirements before May 27, 2009. Failure to do so will result in your password being rejected by the SmarterMail mail server and you will receive a password rejection confirmation in your email client. You will not be able to login to WebMail.

For users who have not changed their password in accordance with our password policy, please follow the instructions below

1. Login to your SmarterMail webmail using

2. Then enter your email address and password

3. On the SmarterMail page a password change will be requested for users not meeting the new password policy as below.

Passwords must consist of at least 5 characters

The password must consist of some numeric values.

The password must contain both capital and lowercase letters.

The password cannot be the same as the POP3 username.

The password used is not common

passwords MUST CONTAIN at least 1 symbol. (new policy) for example. [! @ # $% ^ & * () _ +]

4. Enter your old password and new password according to the new password policy.

5. Click Finish, you've done it.

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