Create Auto Clean Folder in SmarterMail

Here is a guide for you to provide Auto Clean Folder in SmarterMail

The folder auto-clean feature in SmarterMail is designed to help system administrators keep the size of mailbox(s) under control. Using auto-clean folders, common folders such as Junk E-mail, sent items and deleted items can be cleaned regularly from old messages

1. To make settings for Folder Auto Clean, users can log in to webmail,

2. Click on Settings > Filtering > Auto Clean Folder


3. Click on "Change the auto cleanup settings for this account".

4. Click "Rules">> Add Rules

5. The below window will pop up to configure Folder Auto-Clean, you can enter the setting options, and select by email folder size/date.

Based on the example settings above, it will delete emails older than 30 days.

Notes: For precautions about Auto-Clean Folder's settings, deleted emails cannot be resurfaced.

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