Mohon untuk download dari website :

Requirement: Microsoft Windows Operating System :

1. Go to -> Download -> Ping Plotter Freeware or directly download from
2. Mohon untuk Install pingplotter application and buka aplikasinya

Langkah untuk mendapatkan hasil Traceroute dari PingPlotter
1. Masukan domain name / IP address / server name atau URL ke dalam address
2. Klik "Trace" button.
3. The pingplotter result akan muncul di sisi kanan .
4. Kamu akan melihat kolom hop, PL% which stands for Packet Loss, IP address, DNS Name, AVG for response time, CUr for latency and Graph.
5. Go to Edit and click on Copy as Images for traceroute result obtained.
6. Then attached it in the ticket or E-Mail to our support department.