Password Protecting Folders in cPanel

We can protect the folder in our cPanel with a password to make it more protected. Here are the steps you can follow.

1. Login to your cPanel first

2. After that, select the Directory Privacy menu

3. Then you can select the file that will be encrypted with a password. For example, here I use the folder in /public_html/testfolder.

4. On the Directory Privacy menu you check Password protect this directory then select save.

5. If you have saved, a pop up will appear as drawn after that select Go Back.

6. On the Create User menu you can adjust the password you want to use to lock the folder, if so select save.

7. You can distinguish folders that have been encrypted with a password, on the folder symbol there is a padlocked image.

> If you want to unencrypt this folder, select the Edit menu then uncheck Password protect this directory then select save.

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