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What is Candy CBT?

Candy CBT is an application that makes it easy for users to conduct computer-based exams. The features in it are very complete, starting from score management, subject management, question banks, student data and so on.

It makes sense, then, that Candy CBT is currently very widely used by several schools in Indonesia. Moreover, the Candy CBT application is open source, so anyone can use and download it.

You can download the app from the official website for free and customize it to suit your needs. Before you use Candy CBT for online exams, you need to know how to install Candy CBT on your hosting cpanel.

Cara Instal Candy CBT di Cpanel Hosting

There are a few preparations before you apply how to install Candy CBT on cpanel hosting, first of all you need to prepare hosting dan file web Candy CBT.

Download the Candy CBT file through the official Candy CBT website, also prepare the NPSN (National School Identification Number), the code is needed for account activation by the Candy CBT admin in the available Telegram group.

If you don't set up the NPSN, then you can't use it and download it. Now that it's active, you can download it and the preparation is complete. Next, you can immediately practice how to install Candy CBT on cPanel Hosting through the steps below:

Login to your cPanel Account and Access File Manager

If you login to cPanel using the Exabytes billing area, then you don't need to enter a username and password. The detailed steps are as follows:

Step 1: Login to your Exabytes account. To make it faster, you can click the Login with Google or Login with Facebook button.

Or if you want to register first, you can click Register and after registering, then login and follow the next steps.

Step 2: On the billing area page there are various services and domains that you purchased and subscribed to, for example BRIGHT cPanel and click on the service.

Step 3: Next you just click Login in cPanel.

Above is a tutorial on how to login to the cPanel page on Exabytes, you can easily apply this method to other hosting services as well. Because the method is the same.

After you have successfully logged in, there will be a cPanel dashboard page.

Step 4: Now, we will access the file manager which is a feature to manage files on the hosting. To access it, find the File Manager menu on the cPanel dashboard and click on it.

Upload File Candy CBT ke Hosting

Next we will upload the Candy CBT file to the hosting, follow the steps below:

Step 1: First determine the directory to save the Candy CBT installation file. In this demo we will save in the public_html folder because we will install it on the main domain.

If you want to install it on a subdomain, it needs to be stored in the subdomain directory. For example, the directory is your public_html/subdomain.

Step 2: Click upload and you will be redirected to the file upload page.

Step 3: Click the Select File button and locate the Candy CBT .zip format file that was previously prepared.

Step 4: Wait for a while and then go back to the directory where you saved the Candy CBT file earlier and follow the next steps.

Extract CBT Candy Files on Hosting

Step 1: On the page where you saved the Candy CBT file, right-click on the Candy CBT file with . Zip format and select Extract.

Step 2: Enter the path where you will save the extracted file, in this demo we will save it directly in the public_html folder and click the Extract Files button.

Step 3: The extracted file will be automatically saved in the public_html directory, first check if it is correct that there is a new row of files and folders.

Well actually until this stage, the installation has been successful and you can access the Candy CBT file, it's just that there is a notification that the database has not been created, therefore we will create a database first.

Create Database and Import Database

Step 1: After finishing the extract, create a new database for the candy application, select the Mysql Database menu on the cPanel dashboard.

Step 2: Continue with creating a database user, still in the same menu.

Step 3: Add the created user to the database, then set all privileges.

Menambahkan user

Step 4: Next, we will import the database provided by Candy CBT, how to download the ecandy28r3.sql file in the config folder from the previous extract, this file will later be uploaded via phpmyadmin.

Step 5: Select the Phpmyadmin menu, then click on the previously created database then select import, choose file and click go.

Done, now the database has been created and the data has also been successfully imported.

Database Configuration

Now we will configure the database, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Please find the config.database.php file through the file manager. The file is located in the config folder and right-click the config.database.php file, then select Edit.

Step 2: Customize the database name, database user and database password with the ones we created in the previous step.


$user :  User name that has been created.

$pass : Enter database password.

$debe : Enter the name of the database that was created earlier.

Langkah 3: Once everything is filled in correctly, click the Save Changes.

That's it, now it's successfully connected to the database.

Check Installation Success

Now we will check the success of the installation, the way is to access the domain page you are using. If the display has a login form and there are no errors, the sign that your installation process is successful.

If you want to login to the admin page in Candy CBT, then you need a username and password which you can get after asking the admin developer of the Candy CBT app.

Successfully installed Candy CBT, what's the next step?

That's how to install Candy CBT on cpanel hosting, very easy right? If the steps above are followed correctly, then if you have successfully installed Candy CBT what next?

The next step is of course that you can immediately use it and carry it out, make sure thatserver sekolah that you use to store all your Candy CBT files does not go down because it is accessed by many people.

Therefore, make sure to use a fast and secure Indonesian hosting service. One of the hosting services you can use is Paket Harga VPS Server Sekolah, Server Sekolah VPS Linux SSD Our reliable server comes using KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine), RAM and disk resources are not shared with others. One server just for your school.

So without worrying about being down due to heavy traffic.Let's start subscribing to the School VPS Server to carry out online exams using the Candy CBT application.

Good luck!

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