How to Create an Email Account and Login Webmail in cPanel

this time, we will discuss, how to create your domain email account in the cPanel control panel, for how to create a domain email account in the cPanel control panel is very easy. Here is a guide to creating a domain email account through cPanel.
1. Login to your cPanel account. See here for your cPanel login guide

2. Click the Email Accounts menu

3. Enter the details of the email account you will create. Take a look at the following screenshot for a more detailed explanation, then click Create Account.

4. Done. Your email account has been successfully added. Here's how the email looks like that has been created:

5. Click Check Email to automatically log in to your webmail account, as shown below:

6. later, an option will appear as shown below, if you want to use a horde type of webmail, you can click first and later it will appear like the second picture below and click open to access the webmail.

7. for the webmail display will be like below:

 Or you can try to access your email account via

Good luck and thank you.

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