Add a domain to Microsoft 365

Notes: Please note that Office 365 has been replaced by Microsoft 365 but the functionality remains the same.

Add a domain

access to  Microsoft 365 admin center

1. On the left menu, click Setup then Domains.

2. Click Add domain.

3. Enter the domain name you want to add, then click Next.

4. Choose how you want to verify that you are the domain owner.

        a. You can have an email sent to the registered contact for the domain with a verification code. If you don't recognize or have access to the email on record, you can use option b.

        b. You can use TXT or MX records to verify your domain. Select this and click Next to see instructions on how to add these DNS records to your logger's website. It can take up to 30 minutes to verify once you add the records.    

5. Choose how you want to make the DNS changes that Office requires to use your domain.

        a.Select Add DNS records for me if you want Office to configure your DNS automatically.

If you choose to add your own DNS records, click Next and you'll see a page with all the data you need to add to your registrar's website to set up your domain.

To learn more, see create DNS records at any DNS hosting provider for Microsoft 365

6. Click Finish - You are done.

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