Microsoft 365 Admin Setup Using the Setup Wizard

Notes: Please note that Office 365 has been replaced by Microsoft 365 but the functionality remains the same.

These steps are for businesses that have Microsoft 365 Business Basics, Business Standard, Apps for business plans.

1. To start, select Go to setup.

2. Select Install your Office apps. for Microsoft 365 Business Basics, skip this step.

3. Enter your own domain that you want to connect to your Microsoft 365 account such as your and click next.

4. Before you can add a domain, you need to click Verify to prove that the domain is yours via MX or TXT data. To learn more, check out adding a domain to Microsoft 365.

5.Once your domain name has been successfully verified, you can now create a Microsoft 365 user account. Optionally, you can send the new user account password to your administrator or email account. Or you can skip this step and do it later.

You can send the login credentials as an email to their alternate email address, download it as a CSV file or print their account details and share it with them later.

6In the next step you have the option to migrate your email messages such as Gmail to your Office 365 email account. Skip this step for now by selecting Don't migrate email messages and click Next. Learn more at Migrating emails and contacts to Microsoft 365and do it later if you want.

7. Next, you'll need to point your domain's DNS to Microsoft 365 so that your users' emails start working with Microsoft 365. Select Set up my online services for me if you want Microsoft to host your DNS records.

Otherwise, you can select I will manage my own DNS records and the setup wizard will provide a list of DNS records that you need to add for your domain in your existing DNS zone. To learn more, see create DNS records at any DNS hosting provider for Microsoft 365.

8. After that, select the online service you want to use. Or you can skip it and do it later.

9. Click Next and you're done

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