Create cpanel User / Account Level Filtering to get rid of Spam emails

Below is a guide on how to get rid of email spam in your cPanel:

1. Open an email client or webmail to get the full email header

email client

After getting the email to be able to check the "Return-Path" source can refer below the guidelines for the email display client header.

Example as below: The partial email is from therefore it is necessary to discard the email.



After getting the email header (Roundcube Horde and Squirrelmail) check "Return-Path"

2. After that, access to your cPanel by accessing the URL http://cpanel.domainname/ or http://domainname: 2082/ and click on the Account Level Filtering or User Level Filtering icon on the cPanel main screen.

3. In the Rule menu, select "From" and "contains" or the settings where you want to discard the Spam email.


4. In this step, you can insert the spam mail "Return-Path" according to the example above the spam email header and click "Create".

For your information: The Account filtering section is the same as user filtering, the only difference is that the filters created here are generally applied to all cPanel accounts.

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