How to disable AutoLoad for Webmail (Horde, SquirrelMail, Roundcube)

If you set up the autoload feature of your preferred webmail app from zero seconds and now not changing different webmail apps, the fix is very easy to disable webmail from autoloading, whatever webmail you choose, Horde Webmail, Roundcube or Squirrel Mail.

Once you are logged into the webmail application, simply click the button on your browser and then click "Disable AutoLoad."

Now you can choose a different webmail app to log into, and know how to disable auto load without having to click stop as it redirects.

If you set the autoload feature of your webmail app and options to more than zero seconds, you can simply disable your autoload feature

1) click on the "Stop" button


2 ) Click "Disable Autoload" to process


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