Why is my connection to the Exabytes server problematic?

For some customers using connections such as Telkom or Indihome, you may have experienced problematic connections to the Exabytes server, whether it's web, email, or ping. To confirm this, you can check using a ping plotter.

You can check the ISP or internet provider you are using by checking the IP Address by accessing www.myip.dk or you can access the website https://ipinfo.io/ to find out whether your IP Address is affiliated with telkom or not.

If the results show that you are a telkom/indihome IP Address, and there is a lot of red color from the ping plotter results, then it is certain that your connectivity is having problems to the Exabytes server.

Why is that?

The Exabytes network uses multiple peering, one of which is OpenIXP to connect to several other private internet provider networks and to the telco network. Even to some government sectors or others.

However, as we know telkom with a lot of customer connectivity from rural to urban areas, on the OpenIXP axis, this makes the telkom network capacity itself experience peak time or full. Which results in experiencing what is called throttled or choked. As a result of this throttled, some telkom customers experience connection problems ranging from time out or intermittent, to not connecting at all to other peering networks on the OpenIXP axis. You may be one of them.

Network Stat Telkom

You can refer to our article on Checking Local and International Telkom Connections that was written some time ago. In the article, it is mentioned and shown the utility of using the Telkom network which is quite dense, reaching 48 Gbps.

Alternative Solution

From Exabytes' side, we have tried and ensured that the upstream network is always in prime condition and accessible at any hour. However, as this is more specific to Telkom's internal network and still within the realm of Telkom's network, only Telkom can resolve this. An alternative solution that we can offer for now is to use another alternative connection to connect to the Exabytes server.

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