What to Consider in Creating a Mail Server

If you create a mail server on a VPS whether Linux or Windows, there are several things that must be considered first. Because if it is not done, then fatal things can happen, such as your mail server IP being blocked by several email recipients.

  • Make sure your email domain has SPF set correctly.
  • Make sure DMARC is set correctly.
  • Make sure the mail server IP has the PTR set correctly.
  • Make sure the email password is set using a strong password combined with letters, numbers, symbols.
  • Before sending large parties to large email providers such as yahoo, gmail, etc., warm up first. Send emails in a small capacity <100 per day.
  • Then continue to continuously increase so that the statistics assume the mail server is not SPAM.

For PTR record, you need to email our support team to have it created first.

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