WHM - Initial Installation Guide

1. Login to WHM (https: // IPServerYou / whm)

Notes: Ignore SSL Warning if present.

2. Click 'I Agree / I Agree go to step 2' as below

3. Enter your Server Contact Email Address in 'Server Contact Email Address', and server hostname in 'This Server's Hostname'.

On Primary Resolver enter, and Secondary Resolver enter click 'Save & Go to Step 3'

4. click 'Go to Step 4'.

5. Select BIND name server, enter the nameserver and note A according to the screenshot. Then enter your server IP in 'IP for Entry'.


Nameserver1: ns1.idcloudhosting.com

Nameserver2: ns2.idcloudhosting.com





6. Select 'Pro-FTPD in FTP configuration, 'Dovecot' in Mail configuration. Check the boxes 'Convert Mailbox Formail', 'Enable cPHulk', and Install common set of Perl Modules.

7. Select 'Use file system quota', and then click 'Complete Setup Wizard'.

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