Whitelist Email Senders in Spam Expert

There are times when some of the emails sent to you get stuck in Spam Expert. When you do checking the Spam Expert logs It is known that the sender's email is blocked because it is dangerous. Then what is the solution? You need to whitelist the sender's email from your Spam Expert panel..

1. Make sure you can login to Spam Expert first.

2. After entering the Spam Expert panel, on the left side click Incoming - Protection Settings > Sender Whitelist.

3. Decide if you want to whitelist at the domain level or just email addresses? The differences are below.

Whitelisting the domain: *@darimana.com

Whitest on email sender : dia@darimana.com

We always recommend whitelisting at the email sender level only. Select Sender Whitelist - Domain

4. Then to start adding the email senders you want to whitelist, click Add Whitelist Sender.

5. Then fill in the format as below.

6. Don't forget to click Save.

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