Enable Spam Expert Feature

For those of you who have just subscribe to Spam Expert, the Spam Expert feature cannot be activated just like that. Because the MX record in DNS must be changed to the MX that we have set for Spam Expert settings.

1. Login to your DNS zone if domain only or Login to your cPanel / Plesk hosting.

2. Then change the MX setting to :


Then set priority to 10 or 0. Make sure your MX record uses only our Spam Expert's dedicated MX.

3. Another thing to look out for is check destination email routing whether it is correct. Basically, if you have a shared hosting subscription with us, the system will automatically add it directly..

If you are confused and need further assistance, feel free to contact us via livechat at www.exabytes.co.id or email us at support@exabytes.co.id with the setup details of the Spam Expert email destination.

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