Relay Mail Server to Spam Expert to Send Emails

If you already have Spam Expert product, you can request to set email relay using Outgoing Spam Expert. This product only applies to VPS, and Dedicated Server only.

This is useful because usually the VPS or Dedicated Server IP is sometimes blocked on the receiving mail server due to custom firewall settings.

1. Request to support to set up an outgoing relay mail server using Spam Expert. You can send an email to us at by including the domain name that you want to set the outgoing relay.

2. If it has been approved by the support team then you must set your email SPF like this.

"v=spf1 ip4:xxxxx -all"

Where ip4:xxxxx is your VPS IP or Dedicated IP for sending emails. Replace ip4:xxxx with your VPS IP or Dedicated IP.

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