How to Place an Order in the Client Area

Tata Cara Melakukan Order di Client Area, untuk saat ini, kami mulai dari pembelian order domain baru, silahkan disimak :

  1. the first step is to log in to your client area account via the url

  2. After logging in, you will be on the homepage as below and then select Products and please select the product you want to order.
  3. For example, here you want to buy Domain, please select Domains
  4. Then type in the name Domain that you want

  5. If so, it will appear as shown below:

    if the domain you want is still available it will appear as shown above, if not then there will be other domain options:

  6. If your option is available, please click the Add to Cart
  7. Then select Continue

  8. It will then be forwarded to the following page

    If you want to use ID Proteksi, please select Checklist > ThenContinue
  9. Select the year you want
  10. then Checkout and don't forget the Term of Services Checklist

  11. and please make payment with your preferred method

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