Install Hestia Control Panel on Debian 11

This article will help you how to install Hestia control panel with Debian 11. The installation is quite easy and quite fast, depends your vm RAM and core. This Hestiacp can be installed under Debian 10, 11, 12 and Ubuntu 20, 22.

First, visit hestia installation page first and fill which package you wish to install by ticking it's options. After that copy the installation syntax.

Hestiacp able to install some modules such are multiple PHP, web server, databases, mail servers, fail2ban features, and many more! Visit the page and go explore for yourself.

For example we would like to install Hestiacp for website only under Apache only and using Multiple PHP. We also tick option force and enable hestia API as well. So here is the command syntax generated by using it's website :

bash --multiphp yes --named no --mysql no --exim no --dovecot no --clamav no --spamassassin no --force

Server will check some depencies and begin to install. It will ask you for confirmation. Therefore answer by type Y.

Enter your email address. In this case your own email.

Enter your FQDN name. In this case this is your server name which contained sub domain ie.

The installation process begin to continue. This may take 15-20 minutes to complete. Make sure to maintain your SSH session, don't disconnect during this session, otherwise installation might corrupted.

Once installation is completed, it will ask for reboot.


Now confirmed the vm has been up and online, access the Hestiacp within your web browser. You can go like ip.ip.ip.ip:8083 using https where 8083 is default port login for Hestiacp. So it will something like this :

First time login your SSL certificate browser still self-signed. Don't worry, we just need to bypass it first. Here is the way :

First time login, if you don't know or forget the password, you can see this post how to reset it. If you wish to reset it, please make sure do not create a funny password. Create the password with strong words, not easy guessed contained alpha numeric with symbols as well.

v-change-user-password admin your-new-password

Now you should be able to login to Hestiacp and managed to install Hestiacp under Debian 11.

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