Install Acronis Agent for Windows

Guide to install Acronis Agent on Windows. Before starting the installation, make sure your windows update is on the latest version to avoid any technical problems in installing Acronis Cloud Backup.

Download the installer file provided from the Acronis Cloud vendor:


Double-click to start the setup. Then click Install.

Wait a few minutes for the Acronis Cloud Backup process to complete. The installer will download files gradually until the download and install process is complete.

After completing the installation, the installer will instruct us to register the server with a code. You can do this by clicking Show Registration Code.

Then the code consisting of several letters is sent to us either via Livechat or email. Because the time is only 1 hour for code registration, we prefer you to access our Livechat and directly pass to the Chat Escalation division and show the code along with your server IP.

Once registered, your server is protected by Acronis Cloud Backup. And every day there will be email notifications regarding the success and failure of your server backup. If you do not receive the email, please contact our support team.

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