Install Acronis Agent on Linux

This article contains a guide to install Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud agent on Linux server.

Before starting the installation process, make sure your operating system is completely updated and using the latest kernel. Especially the following packages:

  • CentOS : kernel-devel ; gcc ; make
  • Ubuntu : linux-headers ; linux-image ; gcc ; make

You can use the command below to update the server.


# yum update -y


# apt update ; apt upgrade -y

If completed, then continue the server reboot process.

# reboot

Before you download the Acronis installer, make sure the port below is open, this is so that the backup and restore process can run smoothly.

  • 445
  • 902
  • 5905
  • 6109
  • 7770:7800
  • 8443
  • 25001
  • 44445
  • 55556

Alternatively, you can whitelist the Acronis Cloud Backup server IP below:


The next step is to download the installer of Acronis agent Linux

The first option is to download it directly from Acronis' own repo:

# wget -c

or the second option is using our repo server:

# wget -c

Next do the install.

# chmod +x CyberProtect_AgentForLinux_x86_64.bin
# ./CyberProtect_AgentForLinux_x86_64.bin 

Then wait until the install process is complete. There may be some notifications or warnings that may appear, just OK it. In the last process, you will find a REGISTRATION CODE that must be informed to us.

To complete the installation process, the system will give a maximum of 1 hour to register the code. You can contact quickly using Livechat and connect to Escalation Support.

When contacting Escalation Support, make sure you provide the following information:

  1. Installation Information Acronis Cloud Backup uses IP x.x.x.x (this is the IP address of your server).
  2. Past the installer's REGISTRATION CODE to Escalation Support.

Tim kami akan melakukan verify code dan ketika berhasil, Acronis Cloud Backup anda berhasil terpasang. Anda akan mendapatkan notifikasi sukses atau gagal backup via email.

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