Install e-Faktur Desktop version 3.0 on Windows Server 2019

Guide to installing the e-Faktur Desktop version 3.0 application on Windows Server 2019.

To download the application can be found at

Minimum Requirements:

3 GB ram

2 CPU cores

50 GB disc

Linux / Windows Operating System

By referring to the above requirements, you can use the Windows SSD 3 VPS plan.

Download the application by selecting Windows 64 bit. Then extract the ZIP. You can use 7zip to extract the zip file.

Then we double click EFaktur_Windows_64bit.exe

The extract process is ongoing.

When you're done, you'll see some files that have been extracted.

To run the e-Faktur application, double-click the ETaxInvoice.exe file first.

When the application is first opened, it will ask for the database you want to use.

If you have a local database, then use the Local Database option for your choice. However, if you have a remote database server, then use the Network Database option. Usually you can use Local Database by default. The database or db file will automatically be stored in the same folder.

Done! Now you have installed the e-Faktur Desktop version 3.0 application on Windows Server 2019.

You can simplify the shortcut to access this e-Faktur application by setting a shortcut to the Desktop. How do you do that?

Right click on ETaxInvoice.exe then Send to then select Desktop (create shortcut).

For the future, you can access the e-Faktur application via your Desktop, easier isn't it?

Backup db File

For data security, we recommend always copying the db database backup data if you do the Local Database method. Where can I get my db backup file?

From your e-Faktur download folder to the backup folder. That's where your db backup folder is located containing a zip file.

Make sure you always copy this zip file to your computer or save it in a cloud service to anticipate any crashes or data errors in the application in question.

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