Install Meta Trader 4 Using Windows Server 2019

How do I install Meta Trader 4 software on a Windows VPS with Windows Server 2019 operating system?

In general, the guide to install MT4 software on Windows Server 2019 is the same as MT4 di Windows Server 2012. The concept is still the same, that is, when there are more transactions, more RAM and CPU are also needed to keep the server performance stable.

Having enough RAM and a fairly large CPU is the main capital so that the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) application can run smoothly. Therefore, a Windows SSD 6 VPS is one of our recommendations to keep your trading performance stable. However, a higher VPS plan may be necessary when the daily transactions are very busy or hectic..

Ensure that Windows Update has been performed to optimize server performance in running MT4.

Download Meta Trader 4 by sini then select for the Windows section.

Start > Settings.

Then check Windows Update. If a restart is required, you should restart first.

If the Windows version still shows the need for more updates, then you can repeat the process until your operating system is at the latest version. This is quite important due to the threat of ransomware, viruses, malware and so on that your server could be the target of this.


Please note, by default, Windows VPS will automatically install Windows Update every day and the system may restart if there is a Critical Update for the operating system. If you don't want this, then make sure to turn off the automatic Windows Update feature first.

Use Start > Search > Powershell.
Type in sconfig (enter) then followed by 5 (enter) then select M.

Install the downloaded MT4.

Then Next.

Wait for the installation process to complete. Then Finish.

Congratulations, the MT4 software is now successfully installed on your Windows Server 2019.

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